Metal Stitching and Casting Repair Specialist

Stitchweld Casting Repairs Ltd is well known for offering sound, economical repairs to cracked or damaged cast iron, including cylinder head and engine block repair.


Metal stitching has become a generic phrase that describes a method of repairing cracks in cast metals without welding. This is used specifically in areas where welding methods have proven to be less than satisfactory or very difficult.


Metal stitching can be carried out both in our workshop or on your site. Installation is carried out using pneumatic tools. The Metal Stitching pins can be installed easily over complex contours giving a high pressure seal and a flawless finish.


We offer specialist stitching repairs to:

Cracked Cylinder Heads

Cast Iron Industrial Machinery

Cracked Turbo Casings

Industrial Casting

Gearbox Casings

Vintage Tractors and Cars

Damaged Engine Blocks

Frost Damage

Cracked Exhaust Manifolds

Marine Engines

Plant Machinery




The repair of cast iron poses a problem. Compared with steel and aluminium, cast iron cannot be welded easily because it is relatively brittle and can be damaged by heat. One alternative for the repair of the original item is 'cold metal stitching'.


Cast iron repairs carried out by this method avoid introducing any heat stresses, so no distortion occurs and in many instances machining is unnecessary. It is invaluable in emergency situations, reduces downtime and avoids the replacement of expensive castings.


Stitchweld Casting Repairs Ltd cold casting repairs are superior to welding in the case of cast iron. To find out more about this process and other services we offer please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email.